Tiny Room Plans

My office is located on the second floor of the house, next to the bathroom. It’s a very, very tiny room of about 5′ by 8′ with a door leading to a balcony and then a window off to the side. The house listing in the 1970s described the…

The reality of moving

I’m a terribly unorganized packer.

In my mind, boxes will be color-coded, there will be a master list of numbered boxes with each box’s contents clearly spelled out on this master list.

But no.

You know how when you order takeout, and the containers in the bag open up on the ride…

The First House Tour

Isn’t it strange how you walk through a house once, maybe twice, before deciding to put down gobs of cash and make plans to live in the place indefinitely?

Some houses just grab you. Ours did, but I’ll save that story for another day.

The house tour will eventually be categorized…

House History

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Old houses have character, charm, spiders and stories. The history of homes is often what draws new owners in. We often can’t help but wonder who built the house, how many children grew up in it or what sorts of awkward, embarrassing things happened in…

The glamorous animal room

I realize there will be a heavy amount of “style boards” (I don’t know the actual term since I am probably the furthest thing from an interior designer) in the initial launch of this blog. As I write this, we don’t even own the house yet. Actual house photos…

Master bedroom lighting options

Lighting is hard. It’s like choosing an engagement ring, or selecting your unborn child’s name.

It’s a commitment.

A commitment you want to look back at years from now and think, “Man, I did a stellar job with that selection.”

Oh, and I am crazy indecisive, have the need to read all…

The first Elgin house

We arrived in Elgin in 2014 and stumbled upon a totally renovation Victorian home.


The house was gorgeous.

So why did we move?

Our original intent to move out of Elgin was to move to the south suburbs to be closer to family. However, after we had a contract on the house,…